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Martha Chang, Chick Creative

Freelance copywriting and voice talent services


Services: Writing


I craft exceptional creative ideas and compelling content across a variety of industries and media — primarily web content and other long-form materials.

Services: Strategy


I help clients tell their stories more clearly by articulating the true value proposition and building an authentic message platform to grow their business.

Services: Voice Talent

Voice Talent

I am a seasoned professional announcer as well as voice actor with flexible rates. I am equally comfortable with “smiley mom” roles and highly complex tech speak.

About Me

I started out working on Pepsi for a major ad agency, and transitioned to a high-tech marketing firm when Austin’s technology boom was in its infancy. I struck out on my own while still in my 20s and I’ve been a successful freelancer for over two decades. Today, I work with agencies, design firms and organizations nationwide.

I never work in my pajamas. I’m a proud Longhorn graduate and went through the fabled advertising creative sequence. I sing in multiple bands. I have a secret recipe for Frito® chili pie and I will not share it. I believe in the power of enthusiasm. Yay, enthusiasm.

Industry Experience

  • Technology marketing (from microprocessors to machine learning)
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Grocery and c-stores
  • Consumer goods and services
  • And more…

What They're Saying

“Martha is the best. THE BEST. I’m almost hesitant to recommend her because I selfishly want to keep her a secret. If you need a copywriter and content strategist who is utterly dependable and thorough, not to mention superbly skilled, Martha is your gal…” 

“She’s off and running before many writers are out of the gate.” 

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I’m always happy to discuss project scope and/or explain what the word “holler” means if you ain’t from around these parts.