Smart. Versatile. Fast. Fun.

So what is it that you actually do around here, anyway?

I provide ad agencies, interactive firms, small businesses and large enterprise companies with freelance copywriting services. Sometimes that means I’m called upon to fill in a long-term staffing gap. At other times, it’s project-based work. With many clients who don’t have an onsite creative team, I immerse myself in their marketing group and plug in as needed. I offer creative concepting, copywriting and web content writing, strategic messaging development or any combination thereof. In other words (you’ll pardon the expression), if there’s words in it, I do it.

I speak geek

From semiconductors to software, service providers to systems integrators, I’ve done a terabyte of high-tech advertising. My approach is always to find the human side in every challenge, and to break things down so that even your grandma can understand.

When it comes to ideas, more is more

The concepting stage is like a candy store. Why limit yourself to just bonbons when that sucker over there might be just the thing? I have the skills and the experience to generate multiple different approaches to your challenge. And I can do it quickly — without ever forgetting the strategic big picture.

I’m a strategy nerd too

I love a great message platform — so much so that I’ve learned how to develop terrific value propositions and support messages that clients can use to guide all of their communication efforts. I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies and start ups alike create clear, actionable stories that grow their business.

My brain is bendy

I’ve worked with a wide variety of different clients, but I approach every project from the same perspective. Whether the client is in banking, retail, healthcare, packaged goods, high tech, consumer services or anything else, I take the time to understand the challenge from every angle. Then I proceed to kick ass.

Bonus tidbits for reading this far

I have been freelancing since 1997 and I never work in my pajamas. I studied voice for years and have sung in numerous bands all over Austin. I have a secret recipe for Frito® chili pie and I will not share it. I am married to a fantastic art director, UX designer, cook, football wonk and Mac geek — all in the same guy. My little girl can occasionally be spotted dressed as a knight, a ninja, Spiderman or mad scientist (sometimes all in the same day). I believe in the power of enthusiasm. Yay, enthusiasm.