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ACVB “Only in Austin” Banners

Project Description:

The very successful “Now Playing” campaign needed a refresh, without any budget for new photography. We decided to focus on the contrasts within Austin’s weirdness — and came up with something wonderful.

My partner Jason Lara and I also created an interactive jukebox linked ad. The user could drag and drop the quarter into the jukebox (which was complimentary in look and feel to the “Now Playing” marqee) to view a video.

See animated banners »

Copy Highlights:

First Night… Every Night. It’s All Larger Than Life. Only in Austin

From LBJ… To SRV. Our History Rocks. Only in Austin

Red Wine… Blue Bonnets. Nothing But The Finest Local Color. Only in Austin

Project Testimonial:

“Smart. Versatile. Fast. Fun. What more can you say about the best there is? Whatever you need done, Martha is the one you need to do it. Her ability to digest the (often very-lacking) inputs of a project, and ask the smart questions to augment everyone’s knowledge on the matter are second-to-none. Actually they are second-to-only-one thing: her ability to turn those inputs into results-first concepts and copy. It is so pleasant and rewarding to work with someone who refuses to ever make things muddier, only clearer… and better. Martha is what a creative soul should be.”

– Jason Lara, Creative Director, Continion LLC