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Dell Purchasing Programs

Project Description:

High-tech B-to-B work has been a large part of my career. Much of it has involved strategic deep-diving into positioning and messaging for product launches. All very high-tech, heady and hush-hush (under NDA).

This customer-facing collateral project centered on three Dell programs that allow various businesses to offer PC purchasing programs to their employees and affiliates. The trick was convincing our client to focus on the people as much as the product.

Here’s a sample of one piece in the collateral suite. Want to see more high-tech collateral or white papers? Just shoot me an email.

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Project Testimonial:

“Martha is one of the smartest copywriters I’ve ever worked with. She is extremely strategic in her approach and is always mindful of the big picture when working on any project. Her knowledge of the high-tech category is particularly impressive. Martha is a pro’s pro. She turns out high quality work very quickly, not needing much guidance to “get it right” the first time. But what helps separate Martha from most is her presentation skills. She does an excellent job setting up the work, then performs as much as presents it, infusing her fun and engaging personality in the process. The client ends up enjoying Martha as much as her work. A valuable quality when trying to sell new ideas. Martha is also into organic food, but I try not to hold that against her.”

– Gregg Bender, VP, Group Account Director, Kolar Advertising & Marketing