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Project Description:

Most scientific and lab-based advertising is as dry as your 9th grade chemistry class. Luminex, an Austin-based biomedical company, wanted to be different. Their breakthrough device uses light and color (lasers and dyed microbeads) to perform medical testing on blood samples. It’s a unique, complicated, brilliant process. And it’s just as much art as science.

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Copy Highlights:

Tiny colored dots can yield impressive results.
An idea we borrowed from art and brought to bioanalysis.

Looking at color and light in entirely new ways, Luminex had a stroke of genius. We call it Laboratory Multiple Analyte Profiling — LabMAP™ technology.
In “pointilist” art, minute dots of color combine to present a finely detailed image. With LabMAP, the same  thing happens with microscopic beads called microspheres…

Project Testimonial:

“Martha is my go to person for copy writing. She is smart, fast and well priced. She has saved me so many times in the past that I can’t even count. Her concepting skills are unmatched and her ability to absorb large amounts of information and then translate it into words that even I understand is amazing. I work with her any chance I get.”

– Robert Cordes, Principle Point