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Verba Healthcare Promotions

Project Description:

It’s exciting to get in on the ground floor with a new client. With Verba, I’ve had the opportunity to develop the company’s value proposition and positioning, translate that into an initial marketing site and then extend it to an online catalog site, as well as ongoing blog content. Verba is dedicated to helping their clients make a difference for seniors and those in long-term care. Feels pretty great to help out the good guys.

Check out the site evolution at goverba.com »

Copy Highlights:

Touch more lives. Build more business. 

At Verba, we’re here to help senior living, long-term and home health care providers become better marketers. It’s simple, the more people you reach via marketing, the more you can help. And the more business you have, the more lives you’re positively affecting every day….

Project Testimonial:

“ It’s not an easy task to take a large data set of information, index it for unrelated user tasks, make it searchable and findable, and wrap a marketing story around the whole thing that seamlessly ties together all substories and increases total site conversions. Martha Chang can do it. Martha is always able to maintain the big marketing picture to create effective brand driven and web friendly copy while managing the gory details of information architecture and user experience. Martha is a rare breed of copywriter and content strategist and the key asset in my most successful web projects ”

– Larry Lane, President, Continion LLC