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Well Styled Website

Project Description:

Several of my friends hired this local Austin personal stylist. I must admit, I was intrigued. Turns out Michelle is down to earth, way talented, extremely professional and simply hilarious. And Well Styled is a brilliant solution for busy professional moms, young women just starting out, brides, grandmas, everybody! Now the world knows.

Michele has become a friend as well as a client. I’m happy to help her with social media and web content on an ongoing basis. (Especially since she knows where to find killer shoes.)

Check it all out at wellstyled.net  »

Copy Highlights:

How it works 

Step 1: Sort
Down with frump! It starts with a complete wardrobe assessment, with plenty of humor and understanding.

Step 2: Shop
No more fruitless searching! Just waltz in to the dressing room and slip into something more fabulous.

Step 3: Style
Wow starts now! Your old favorites and new looks get mixed and matched until you look and feel amazing.

Project Testimonial:

“Working with Martha Chang on my social media content was exactly what I needed! After going through that process with Martha, I was able to clearly define what I wanted to say (and more importantly, DIDN’T want to say) which allowed me to schedule content via blog posts, social media, and newsletter outlets for the next 3 quarters!!! I can’t even express how grateful I am that this very important part of my business model is working on all cylinders. Would highly recommend her services. ”

– Michelle Rodriguez, Founder, Well Styled